UiO SFF Collections

NB: Aniara seeks donations of Science Fiction works, especially Scandinavian science fiction works and issues of Algernon and other fanzines, that are not in the collections. For donations, please contact us directly through the contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

The University of Oslo Science Library (Bjørnehjørnet, Vilhelm Bjerknes’ Hus) is host to the Science Fiction collection. As of 2017, the collection comprises over 8000 science fiction books and magazines, as well as a selection of SF movies and television series. It is the largest public collection of SFF in Scandinavia. Around 2000 of these came from the original Aniara SF library, and about 1800 works came from the Johannes H Berg Memorial Fund. Over 4000 authors are represented in the collection, and the majority of these works are in English. In addition to the fiction, the library also has a small but growing collection of non-fiction critical works. The library actively encourages research projects and activities around the collection, and it is the base for our Aniara meetings.

A full collection description article written by the librarians and published in Fafnir: The Nordic Journal of Science Fiction and Fantasy Research 2/2017 may be found here.

For further details and project ideas, please contact specialist librarians at the collection:

Tone Charlotte Gadmar

Line Nybakk Akerholt

Kyrre Traavik Låberg

Trude Westby